Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Microsoft Announced Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has unveiled the first batch of games expected to launch with Windows Phone 7 smartphones this holiday.

Windows mobile (rebranded as Windows Phone with the launch of Windows Phone 7) is a mobile operating system developed by Microsoft for use in smartphones and mobile devices.

The current version is called " Windows Mobile 6.5". Additionaly, third-party software development is available for Windows Mobile, and software can be purchased via the Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

Microsoft announced a completely new phone platform, Windows Phone 7, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 15,2010. Phones running Windows Mobile 6.x will not be upgradeable to version 7.

Windows Mobile's share of the Smartphone market has fallen year-on-year, decreasing 20% in Q3 2009. Xbox Live is an online community where people can play or get get downloadable content using the Internet-linked Microsoft videogame consoles.

Microsoft used a major Gamescom conference in Germany as a stage to intruduce 50 titles ranging from virtual board games to extensions of popular Xbox 360 action games.

Xbox Live for Windows Phone 7 is Microsoft's attempt to bring its fully integrated online gaming service to the mobile platform.

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