Friday, September 3, 2010

Toshiba Laptop Recall Announced ; Satellite T135D,T123,ProT130

The recall of approximately 41,000 laptops Toshiba resulting from more than 100 reports of melting laptop cases and minor injuries follows similar issues and recall from other laptop manufactures and illustrates the problem with cramming so much processing power into such a small space.
Models affected by the Toshiba recall are :
~ Satellite T135D
~ Satellite ProT130
~ Satellite T123
The US Product Safety Commission said : " The notebook computers can overheat at the notebook's plug-in to the AC adapter, posing a burn hazard to consumers"
This year we had similar recall related to laptop overhating problems. In July Sonny issued a recall of more than 500,00 laptops, and in May HP followed the trend by recalling 100,000 laptop batteries.
The appropriate Toshiba BIOS revision is also available as an update provided through the Toshiba Service Station Application installed on your computer. Futhermore, Toshiba said that should the BIOS determine that a harness failure is occuring, external power will immediately be disabled eliminating the possibility of the over heating which is the main cause of the recall.
For this, users of affected Toshiba recalled laptops will then need to contact the Toshiba call center to set up a warranty repair.

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