Monday, August 9, 2010

Lady Gaga Crowd Surfing

At Chicago's Lollapalooza Lady Gaga graced their stage with an 18 song set, then she managed to loose some clothing and go over to another stage where Semi Precious Weapons was playing. Lady Gaga got up on stage and danced while they played, she also managed to make out with the singer of the band. Apparently Lady Gaga enjoys exposing herself in public.

The crowd began to maul until Gaga's security could pull her out. It seem that Lady Gaga will always find ways to surprise us. Not many photos were taken of the even but there are some exclusive up close photos of Lady Gaga's crowd surfing.

Wearing little more than fishnet stockings and strategic golden pasties, Gaga rocked out on drums before stage diving into the unsuspecting crowd and, to the dismay of her bodyguard, crowd surfing around for a bit.

Lady gaga isn't afraid to rock out with her "little monsters"

Wearing nothing than a fishnet bodysuit and gold star pasties, Gaga decised to jump off the stage to crowd-surf amongs her cheering fans.

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