Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Suffering Bipolar Disoder, Katherine Zeta Jones in rehab

Throat tumor diseases suffered by her husband, Michael Douglas, had an impact on self-Catherine Zeta Jones. Tough times mentioned affect mental state, so the renovation of the beautiful actress had suffered from bipolar disorder.

This news has been confirmed by spekeswoman Catherine, said that his client had been undergoing treatment at a rehabilitation facility closed for treating bipolar II disorder suffered. This mental illness causes the problem of "mood" swings with a fairly drastic torture Catherine and her family.

Since late last year, Zorro star is busy with her husband intensive care, even depression due to life-threatening diseases that this Douglas. This is what triggered mental problems experienced by Catherine.

" After the stress over the past year, Catherine made the decision to be treated in a mental care facility for a while because of bipolar II disorder," said the spokesman. at this time, Catherine has completed the required treatment and are in a period of recovery while waiting for filming to be starred.

"Catherine had to deal with the ill Michael and this is very difficult. She decided to be treated for several days because she will begin filming, and wanted to make sure she is in excellent condition, like now," said a close friend Catherine.

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