Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Acer Iconia, the dual screen laptop

Acer Iconia has shown its unique tablet-notebook icon at a press conference today in the world, and at first glance, it seems a bit amazing kit. Dual 14-inch touch screen and built-in personal gesture of support, image certainly stands out from the crowd.

Acer is a tablet bearing Iconia convertible, with a wallpaper that can function as a virtual keyboard, it is a function both as a tablet and a laptop. The two multi-touch screens are 1280 x 800 resolution and the device is able to support 720p HD playback.

Although the twin screens are clearly the biggest draw card with this device, it also comes with AMD dual-core, and a good amount of links. Ratio, the Acer image with an HDMI port, two USB 2.0 ports, USB 3.0, WiFi, 1.3 MP camera and a pair. It seems that the memory and hard disk is customizable, including the 750GB HDD and 4 GB of RAM.

It is not all good news for the Iconia however, with a small battery life and a heavy build at 6.2 pounds. Acer has unveiled a new “concept device” that they think represents the future of laptopping. The guts are respectable, but nothing crazy: Core i5, integrated graphics, 4GB of DDR3, a 2.5″ HDD, 3G, and a USB 3.0 port. They’ve got a few concept touch apps, including a journal and a scrapbook, and a social stream. The “Acer Ring” and gesture editor demonstrate the power of a touchscreen, namely natural gestures like “grabbing” the screen or putting your palms on it, and I’m glad to see that being advanced. The trouble is, this thing runs Windows 7, and Windows 7 just isn’t that touch-friendly. Engadget notes that the keyboard is hard to use, which I would have expected. Close your eyes, take your fingers all off the keyboard, and try hitting P. Now do the same with your fingers resting on the home row. It’s automatic.

Acer offers some interesting ideas on the table here, but in future it is not.


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